Sorry about the wait, everyone. We’re just getting our internet connection set up today (I’m taking a break from wrestling with the installation — something always goes wrong when you mix me up with a modem) and I’ve been trying to take a break from the internet, just stealing a wireless connection for sending out resumes and checking e-mail. I should be around a bit more once we get the bugs out.

We’ve been in Henderson for eight days now and I think we’re all loving it. On Friday Jesse and I went down to Fremont St. to watch the spectacle with some friends of ours and got some dinner at a tiny little Italian hole-in-the-wall. On Sunday it was off to Chinatown to pick up a mahjong set (my parents and I got him hooked before we left Omaha) and some specialty groceries for me. It was actually a lot of fun and we found a few restaurants to try — we even found a dim sum place! I haven’t had dim sum since Hong Kong, or if I have I can’t remember it. We also spent a bit of time stimulating the local economy this weekend! The move-in special at our apartment complex was a Target giftcard and we spent most of it on a new hammock stand (the old one was too short for our hammock), a mahjong/sewing table and four chairs, a bike pump and some stuff to grill with. Then, of course, we had to test out our new grilling utensils by cooking up basil and sundried tomato sausages for the boys and marinated portabello mushrooms for me. I might be the only one thinking this, but I like the lifestyle we’re easing into!

I went for a run around our neighbourhood this morning, my first since we got here. I’m hoping they’ll open the pool today so I can go for a quick dip later. The rest of today is reserved for sending e-mailing my resume to more prospective employers, tidying up the apartment (I never want to have to seriously clean it so I figure the best thing to do is keep up with the clutter), doing some serious laundry, hanging pictures, making vegetarian sushi (which is SO much fun), dropping my application off at the Gap and picking up Jesse around 4. If there’s any time left, I might just have to curl up in the hammock with a book.