We’re really getting down to the final days. Basically all of our clothes are packed in plastic totes (the movers will just shrinkwrap them and load the boxes on the truck like that — it seemed like it would save a lot of time). Jesse and Mike are going to throw out their old, beat-up couch, loveseat and chair tonight since we’re taking mine instead. I’ve started seriously cleaning everything.

The movers should call tomorrow and tell us what time they’re coming to start packing on Wednesday. Then they’ll come back on Thursday and load up the truck. Jesse and I will be staying over at my parent’s house on Wednesday and Thursday nights but Mike’s opted to keep his mattress (which we’ll throw out Friday morning) and spend the last two nights in the apartment. We’re going to start driving pretty early Friday morning, stopping in Ogallala to see his mother and some of the kids in his family during the afternoon. Then it looks like we’re going to keep driving through Friday night. I think I’m making Jesse take the first shift since he doesn’t want to drive through the mountains and I’m perfectly comfortable with that at this point.

Saturday should be spent getting through Utah and getting as close to Henderson as possible. Then, we’ll get a motel room Saturday night and drive off to the apartment complex to pick up the keys and meet the movers on Sunday morning.

I know it’s all going to work but wow, does this ever sound crazy!