I really hope that today is the worst, most stressful day we have in the whole moving process.

Today was the day that we finally got rid of Mike’s (Jesse’s brother) car. Apparently, the title got screwed up when Jesse first bought it — the guy who sold it to him wrote down the wrong name and never actually got it fixed. Instead, he added Jesse’s actual name on the title and forged the signature of the wrong name so it looked like there were two co-owners. Now, we had it all set up to sell the car to one of my mom’s acquaintances but, after nearly five hours of dealing with the County Treasurer’s Office (where, the head guy in the office told me that we were going to have to forge the signature to get them to fix anything), we managed to get the buyer to let us back out and went to sell the car for scrap.

I don’t know, I guess I’m just naive, but I was so furious that city government officials were telling us that the only way to fix this was to involve ourselves in a crime. I have no interest in being anywhere near forgery. I just would have thought that they’d have ways to fix mistakes. I guess I was wrong.

We have 11 days left, apparently, and I got absolutely nothing done today. Nothing. No packing, no running errands, no cleaning, no nothing. I won’t really get anything done tomorrow as I was counting on having today and have a doctor’s appointment and a hair appointment tomorrow.

Everything will work out though. At least, I hope it does. I think I might have to pull a couple of all-nighters to get everything done at this point though.